Carpet Warranty Guide

Superior Weave Basic Carpet Care
To keep your carpet looking and feeling its best here are 3 important things you must do.

  1. Vacuum thoroughly at least once a week, or more in heavy traffic areas, to remove dirt particles before they become embedded in the carpet pile.
  2. Treat spills immediately.
  3. A professional ‘deep’ or restorative cleaning treatment once every 12-15 months, this will help to protect your carpet pile and enhance its beauty.

Carpet characteristics and features

All Solution Dyed Nylon carpets have particular characteristics and features
which contribute to its appearance. Listed here are some of the more common features you might expect to see. Please note these small variations in appearance are considered normal, and are not covered under warranty. Further accredited, independent information about the carpet variations can be found at the Carpet Institute of Australia, carpetinstitute.com.au. We recommend you visit their site for further information.

Colour Variation

It is normal for installed carpets to show small amounts of colour variation, either from the selling sample or variations between carpets sourced during the production run. While manufacturers do try to accurately repeat colours throughout the production and sample life of the product, there will always be some slight variance.

Colour assessment is largely subjective, and may be affected by lighting conditions, or small changes in carpet texture. Prior to purchasing carpet the Carpet Institute of Australia recommends you view samples in different lighting conditions at the installation site.

Pile Crush or Flattening

Carpet pile will crush to some extent due to normal use. Regularly vacuuming and periodic professional cleaning will reduce the degree of crush.

Seam Peaking

Seam peaking is normal when joined carpet is stretched into place. Lighting conditions can accentuate a carpet seam and create the impression that the pile on the side closer to the light source is a lighter shade than the pile on the other side of the join. Carpet seams are never invisible but when installed they should be straight, aligned and as flat as possible.
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Superior Weave Carpet Warranty

Superior Weave warrants that during the Warranty Period set out below, our carpets will be free from defects arising from faulty materials or manufacture (Manufacturing Warranty).

Superior Weave Carpets and warranty periods

  1. Swiss Twist – 7 year Domestic Warranty only
  2. French Twist – 15 year Domestic Warranty, 7 Year light commercial Warranty
  3. Canadian Plush – 15 year Domestic Warranty, 7 Year light commercial Warranty
  4. Irish Twist – 15 year Domestic Warranty Only
  5. Californian Twist – Irish Twist – 15 year Domestic Warranty Only

Superior Weave warrants that during the Wear Warranty Period set out below, the surface pile will not abrasively wear more than the percentage set out in the Wear Warranty.

Warranty Where the Domestic wear
warranty period is 7 years, if date of claim is during:
Where the Domestic wear warranty period is 15 years, if date of claim is during:
100% First 2 year First 3 year
40% 3rd year 4th to 6th year
20% 4th y ear 7th to 10 th year
10% 5th Y ear 10th to 1 5th year
Wear Warranty

Superior Weave Manufacturers Pty Ltd guarantees this carpet against pile weight loss by abrasive wear only if used indoors for residential purposes. If upon inspection and testing Superior Weave is satisfied that the carpet was properly installed and maintained and that the surface pile has been abrasively worn more than 20% within the warranty period the affected area will be replaced, according to the above table.

Warranty Exemptions

  1. Carpet that has not been installed over underlay in accordance with “AS/NZS 2455.1 Textile Floor Coverings – Installation practice – General” as amended from time to time.
  2. Carpet used other than for indoor residential purposes in non-utility areas.
  3. Carpet which is not properly maintained in accordance with the Superior Weave and
    Maintenance Guide, which was provided to you at the time of purchase.
  4. Carpet installed in areas that are subject to heavy wear conditions, such as turning points and
    on stairs (you should consider the purchase of additional carpet now to ensure that you can
    replace the carpet in heavy wear areas if required).
  5. Carpet sold as seconds.
  6. Damage due to improper use, improper maintenance or use of improper cleaning agents.
  7. Carpet damaged by furniture, including castor wheels (pressure marks from furniture cannot
    be avoided however we recommend that you use furniture cups and chair mats to help
    alleviate pile indentation).
  8. Damage resulting from accidents, flooding or other water damage, cuts, tears, burns,
    chemicals, pets, under floor heating or exposure to hot substances.
  9. Slight differences in texture or colour between the sample carpet and the installed carpet.
  10. Defects due to improper installation.
  11. Issues that are natural carpet characteristics such as shedding, piling or matting.
  12. Stains/soil resistance other than in relation to Solution Dyed Nylon carpet.
  13. Stains/soil resistance in Solution Dyed Nylon carpet caused by:
    a. Food and beverages containing strong dyes (including but not limited to: mustard,
    soy sauce, coffee, curry or tea).
    b. Substances that destroy or change the colour of carpets (including but not limited
    to: bleaches, acne medications, drain cleaners, plant food, vomit, urine or faeces).
    c. Hot liquids.
    d. Traffic in areas that are subject to heavy wear conditions such as turning points
    and on stairs.
    e. Staining that becomes permanent due to the failure to carry out the care and stain
    removal procedures contained in the Superior Weave and Maintenance Guide,
    which was provided to you at the time of purchase. If an issue arises in relation to stains/soil
    resistance in a Solution Dyed Nylon carpet, proof is required that a member of a recognised
    industry group such as Specialised Cleaning & Restoration Industry Association or the
    Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration has attempted to remove the stain in
    accordance with Australian and New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 3733 ‘Textile Floor
    Coverings – Cleaning Maintenance of Residential and Commercial Carpeting’.
  14. Seams.
  15. Carpet which has been treated after installation with a topical treatment.
  16. Consequential or incidental damages including but not limited to loss, expense or damage
    other than to the carpet itself that may result from a defect in the carpet.
  17. Any subsequent purchaser of the carpet or of the residence in which the carpet is installed.
  18. Claims made by purchasers who are not resident in Australia and New Zealand at the time of
    purchase of the carpet or at the time of any subsequent claim.
  19. Carpet which has not been installed in an owner occupied private residence.